Let yourself be guided

Whether you already know Paris like the back of your hand or are seeing it for the first time, come and discover the most fascinating stories the City of Light has to offer!

As you walk along, you will find yourself exploring the various historical periods that have left their marks in the city.

The audio recordings will guide you throughout each visit, and you will have access to various photos, illustrations, texts, games to play.

You can also purchase tickets online allowing you to enter a wide selection of museums, monuments and expositions. You won’t have to wait in line to get in.

You can do most of your tours freely, at any time and for as long as you like. You can also walk at any pace you like and take as many breaks as you wish.

Mysteries, enigmas, games and exciting discoveries await you. We’ll unveil the fantastic legends, bizarre anecdotes and secret places held for you in the capital of France.

Why Paris?

Our concept was born of our own true passion for this city with its unparalleled beauty and architecture. As the capital of artistic creation, fashion and luxury, Paris offers you a vibrant culture, an amazing variety of restaurants, a richly storied history, unique refinement and charm. It is a cornucopia pouring out an impressive wealth of unexpected treasures.

Our app offers you the opportunity to discover and enjoy its various facets through its tours, games, cultural walks, and online ticketing.

Paris, the City of Light, will surround you in all its radiance.

Our application is constantly evolving, and new tours will be available soon. We tirelessly continue our research to make you discover the different neighborhoods of Paris and exceptional stories and anecdotes.

“But Paris is an ocean. Throw in a plummet, you will never reach bottom.”

Honoré de Balzac – Father Goriot

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